Nenya Capital

Nenya Capital is a founders'-centric  investment boutique with a primary focus on supporting technology startups during their bootstrap, seed, and early development stages. Throughout our two-decade journey, we have had the privilege of supporting numerous startups as they navigate their early stages of development. 

Some of these ventures have not only thrived but have also achieved global recognition, growing beyond their initial small-scale beginnings.

Very Proud of:

An independent, post-digital online advertising agency in Central and Eastern Europe

/bootstrap - 2001

/merger of Conecto and Isens - 2008

Global, independent, and reliable financial data provider focused on cryptocurrency markets.

/seed round - 2019

/round A - 2020

Global, distributed computing solutions for scalable data processing.

/seed round -  2019

/global GHX token round 2021

Exits (we miss You:) :

Datacenters & Cloud / CEE

/bootstrap - 2005

/exit to KI - 2023

Global, Smart home, Internet of Things

/round B investment - 2014

/exit to Nice - 2018

First public cloud in Poland

/bootstrap - 2011

/exit to KI  as a Beyonds brand

Lessons learned (we remember You:) :

Grey Wizard

Global, AI powered anti DDos shield, cybersecurity

(closed-> pivot)

/bootstrap - 2015

/pivot to coinpaprika-  2018


virtual e-sport arenas


/bootstrap - 2006

Top 10 web portals in Poland


/bootstrap - 1997

Why Nenya?

The name 'Nenya' embodies our commitment to nurturing startups like precious gems. Just as Nenya was a Ring of Power in Tolkien's Middle-earth, we strive to empower visionary founders to create transformative technologies that can shape the future.

In this spirit, Nenya, one of the Three Rings of the Elves in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," was a powerful artifact. This ring was imperceptible, and it was in the possession of the regal Elf Galadriel, who ruled from the enchanted realm of Lothlorien. Additionally referred to as the Ring of Adamant and the Ring of Water, Nenya was crafted from the precious metal - mithril.